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The Motivated Artist Life 

Letting go is one of the hardest things to do in life.

Starting over can be a challenge.

As we grow and move along in life we are often face with this task.

It is something we all must do as we pass time on this earth.

One of the must hardest things to do is to let go of something or someone we love.

It doesn’t mean we stop loving those thing or thats person.

In retrospect, letting go is for a cause way bigger than what we can fully understand.

Forgiveness is a gift and has great healing power.

Lets loosen the holds we have on a heart and breath.

Allow new experience to come into our lives.

Cast away negative thoughts.

Featured Artist

@ Y S B – D A K I D  @ Y S B – M O N T Y   @ Y S B – G R E E Z Y


Smoovie “Hello” YSB Dakid ft YSB Monty, YSB Greezy (Official Audio)

SMOOVIE “billy jam” Krïïs Dex ft YSB Monty, YSB Greezy, YSB Dakid (Official Audio)

YSB Dakid & YSB Greezy “High” Ft RAVAGE ( Official Audio)

YSB Dakid “Xans” Ft YSB Greezy (Official Audio)


Smoovie Official


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