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I want to talk about ownership.

Not in the sense of business, but in regard to owning up to something done right or wrong.

Life is not easy nor is it a straight path.

We often fall victim to our choices.

Owning up to our faults is a very honorable act of honesty not only to ourselves but to the people we’ve hurt while making theses decisions.

Its a humbling act that we all should attempt at lease for one day.

Release the quilt, the regret, and begin to let your heart heal.

If you can’t admit your wrong, that’s a serious problem and we shouldn’t be friends.

Don’t let these feelings keep an emotional hold on you.

I want to also take the time to express my sincere apologies to the individuals that I’ve wronged.

In my youth and still in my adulthood I’ve made mistakes.

Maybe I will never run out of mistakes to make.

Hopefully one day I will.

I will own up to them and continue to learn from my failure.


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