Globally Building Daily L I B E R T I E S

Freedom cost so much.

What are we willing to give for it?

Freedom is so fragile.

It can be stripped away in a flash.

What are we doing to protect it?

My passion for curating art will give me the freedom that I know I deserve.

F438C2C6-D5D0-446D-BF8A-818B8C9D5BD8468x60FEE5F942-5CF5-4806-9EAA-65C87B6848995D828E33-562A-419D-B771-862AF6F0B8D40E7E9234-6113-407C-91FC-83B73688EBC18613050E-6E9C-4B22-80FB-45FD912372EB 468x60-3





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