Globally Building Daily D I E T

Did you eat today is one of the most caring questions ever.

If you are ever asked that by someone, it means they really care about your well being.

At least for me.

What did you eat today is a question that says a lot about your well being also.

Our daily diet is something we should not look over lightly.

Growing up we ate everything.

Fast food to soul food.

I mention a few days ago  about my commitment to health, mentally and physical fitness.

Diet plays a role.

I’ve become aware of how I feel after I eat certain things and how my body begins to operate.

We might eat something and it makes us feel heavy and congested or the completely opposite.

I rarely pay attention to it, but now I’m making the effort to eat food that makes me feel really really good health wise.

In doing so, I will gain the surplus of energy needed to carry on my daily task.



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