Globally Building Daily G R O W I N G P E R S P E C T I V E

I celebrated my birthday on June 19th with the launch of Globally Building Daily.

Starting off with giving thanks to my audience and future visitors.

I am obligated and committed to giving more to this great platform that has the potential of harvesting great fruit.

For one, I will be setting new goals moving forward.

Listing them here is not necessary simply because, a lot of my goals are personal.

Maybe I’ll share just one.

Exercising regularly has been on my list for many months.

So, This week I will be making the effort to sign up at our local gym.

As I step boldly into my adulthood, my perspective of the world has broaden.

I hope it will continue to grow as  I tour the world with my services.

Although, dreams are very important.

I no longer consider myself a dreamer but a doer.

Let me explain.

We can dream all day and night about the life we want.

Everyone can.

In Fact, I believe its a God given gift to all living, flesh and blood beings.

Until we step into action, then the possibilities of our dreams can become real.

This is where I am mentally.

This is my growing perspective.

Utilizing discernment when making judgement calls will instill in me the true wisdom of the ages.


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