Globally Building Daily F R I E N D S H I P S


Friendship is a well wrapped gifed and when recieved can yield many blessings.

I do advise percaution.

I posted on commitment  on June 20th and thought, maybe I should see what the WordPress community is thinking about it.

I can totally relate.

Especially when it comes to relationships and friendships.

I don’t put much faith in people and I don’t expect people to put much faith in me, but I do greatly appreciate it.

Very much.

I’ve been committed to my passions of creating art.

Through different forms of expression.

Musically and visually.

People are an added bonus.

At lease the real good and healthly ones.

I’ve been through so much in life.

I really have a hunger for good company.

Company that I can learn and grow from.

My commitment to my art and business has my blood, sweat and tears all over it.

All of what you see are the benifits of my commitment to building my platform.

I take every relationship as a test. Hopefully they pass the test of time.



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