Globally Building Daily G O A L S


I will be setting more goals and crushing them.

I write them down usually in a notebook or calendar.

Often times I can accomplish goals with ease but I often delay.

I notice putting them somewhere I can see as a constant reminder to get things done is more effective.

Thus, making goals a priority and also making them time sensitive is very important.

Get them done and move on to the next goal.

I plan on working on my goals daily.

Utilizing my goals as a compass to guide me and purposely stir me in the right direction to where I want to be in life.

Goals are meaningful and should be use to manifest your greatest desires.

Be Featured On Globally Building Daily

 ∞ Builder Success Kit ∞713F1B83-95E4-411D-B62C-E4D4E06C7F8A

The Foundation

Sharing each blog post to different social media platforms is essential to your daily tasks. Easiest way to continue to earn.

Wall Installation

Commenting on each blog post once and create strong engaging post.

Gateways & Windows Of Opportunity

Recruiting other builders by showing.

“The Globally Building Opportunity”

Earn from your teams post and comments.


Builder Sales offer endless earning potential.

“It Pays.”


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