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I’ve bled.

I’ve sweat and cried many tears.

What more is there to say?

The process of releasing my pain has come in many forms.

Some healthy and some unhealthy.

Finding my purpose and my why has been very pricey.

A baring on me physically, mentally and spiritually.

I’ve made a very important commitment to health, mental awareness and my over all mind state.

I’ve chosen to do what most people are afraid too.

What’s that?

I decided long ago to follow my dreams.

Although, the mere utterance of the phrase

“follow your dreams”

is widely used across the world.

Not everybody does.

It takes guts.

It takes iron will .

An intelligence far beyond my own.

It takes emotional strength to deal with the stress and the pain.

Furthermore, allowing mentors and leaders into my life to help me grow and learn from my failures.

 I’ve learned not to let the negative opinion of others discourage me.

I’ve developed the attitude of a champion that never gives up

and take loses as lessons.

 I’ve also Learn to celebrate my wins and accomplishments by never getting too comfortable.

All of what you see here on this site are the benefits of my blood sweat and tears.

I’ve put so much of my energy behind

G L O B A L L Y B U I L D I N G.

The dream is taken very seriously.

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